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RFC Compressor Units

RFC Compressor Units

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Products Description:

        LUR series semi-hermetic condensing units,with RFC compressor,power of 2HP--50HP,

Complete products range with wide temp.range available

More Efficiency

Highly efficient RFC compressors

High quality   fans for energy-saving and low noise operation

High heat transfer rates and small refrigerant charge

Higher power density

Extensive range of applications                                                                                                                                        Available for numerous refrigerants                                                                                                                                                                 Weather resistance                                                                                                                          Complete products range with wide temp.range available                                              Can be widely used for keeping fresh,cold storge,ice macking etc.

Better Design   

Robust design and compact dimensions   

Reduced noise level thanks to sound-optimised airflow   

Water proof terminal box  

Compressor modelRFC-2DC-3.2RFC-2CC-4.2RFC-4FC-5.2RFC-4EC-6.2RFC-4DC-7.2
Temperature ( ℃)-10℃ ~   5 ℃
Power supply380V/3PH/50 HZ
CondenserFan Qty22222
Voltage (V)380380380380380
Input (W)140×2180×2180×2180×2250×2
Compressor Capacity Temp -5℃Capacity (W)78509660103001310015660
Input (KW)2.973.653.834.95.8
Temp-10℃Capacity (W)6330782082701054012630
Input (KW)2.763.43.564.545.4
Temp-15℃Capacity (W)504062506540836010040
Input (KW)2.533.
PipeSuction inlet(mm)φ22φ22φ22φ28φ28
Liquid Dia (mm)φ12φ12φ12φ12φ16
Overall DimensionA (mm)9601060130013001300
B (mm)680680750750750
C (mm)510720670770870
Installation Diamension (a×b)(mm)920×3801020×3801260×4101260×4101260×410


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