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    Luther-Bach has become an know-how engineering - contracting - Turn-Key Project specialized in Industrial Refr-
igeration, Industrial Air-Conditioning, Industrial Ventilation and Cleanroom Systems as a result of a longstanding ex-
perience in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.
    Luther-Bach has special know- how in refrigeration,air conditioning, ventilation  and cleanliness needs  for Food I- ndustry, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry, Microelectronics, Printing Industry, Water & Soft-drinks production
plants, Winery & Brewery and Refrigerated Logistic Centers.
    With more than 20 years of effort, we have setup a sales net work around the world.  With more than 605 custo-
mers covering around 108 countries,we have developed our brand as top well-known brand refrigeration equipment
manufactuers and contractors in the world.
    Luther-Bach, since 2006, has accomplished substantial industrial HVAC & Refrigeration projects for various factor-
ies, For Cream Production Line in Syria, Milk and Dairy Plant in Lebanon, Slaughtering Line Algeria,  Bakery Procution
in Lebanon (Toast Bread products), Brazil Meat and Poultry Processing Plant in Brazil, Chocalate and Candies Factory
in Colombia, Juice and Soft Drink Plant in Chile, Ham Factory in Australia, Fruits and Vegetables Processing Line Plant
in India, Seafood and Tuna Processing Factory in Oman, Vaccines and Pills Plant in Indonesia, and continues to stren-gthens its activity offering innovative solutions in the different market in the world.
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